James Hardie continuously test and improve its building products to endure varying weather conditions and other harmful elements. Taking into consideration the country's tropical climate, HardieFlex® advanced building composites are durable enough to face intense humidity and torrential rains headstrong.

Designed for living, James Hardie never compromises on quality, aesthetics, durability, and ease of use. Additionally, HardieFlex® advanced building composites gives more floor space thereby, providing more livable homes for you and your family.

Our local manufacturing facility in Cabuyao, Laguna provides faster distribution and the capacity to develop products that are best suited for our local needs. James Hardie has a local and dedicated sales and marketing team which can provide pre- and after-sales support.

James Hardie building products are locally made and backed globally which provides a great opportunity for homeowners like you to have more appealing homes that are built to last.


World-leader in fiber cement boards



Since its establishment in 1888 in Australia by Scotsman James Hardie, the company has become a world leader in fiber cement building materials. First listed on the Australian Stock exchange in 1951, James Hardie Industries Ltd. pioneered the use of fiber cement - an innovation that spurred a research and development unit to develop new products, solutions, and production efficiencies.

James Hardie eventually expanded to the Philippines in 1996, establishing a manufacturing facility in Cabuyao, Laguna two years later. At present, James Hardie remains one of the biggest Australian investments in the country. Overall, James Hardie aims to provide a great opportunity for homeowners to have more appealing, enduring homes, and for developers, engineers, and architects to create buildings that are both beautiful and cost-effective.

As a highly respected and admired innovator and market leader in the fiber cement industry, James Hardie boasts of years of experience and knowledge from across the globe, and it can easily be said that no other company possesses the same level of credibility as James Hardie when it comes to fiber cement building products.