• Eaves CONWOOD two-in version.

    KC Trading

    Resistant to the external environment is not good, termites eat wood, replace it seamlessly. Tough, durable, weather Pretty straight line without bending. Wooden grained surface Like real wood There are three colors to choose primer cream. Brown and Green Foundation The innovative two-in-two-level model in a single, seamless. Quick Installation Save time and money.
    Product Color Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm) Weight (kg/piece)
    Eave 2in1 Cream 2.2 23.5 305 17.6
    Eave 2in1 Brown primer 2.2 23.5 305 17.6
    Eave 2in1 Natural 2.2 23.5 305 17.6
    All dimensions and masses provided are approximate only and subject to manufacturing tolerances. Masses are based on equilibrium moisture content of product.